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Business Highlights and Networking 

Let's Grow and Build Together 

“Build your business with dignity and respect, not off the back of another business."

Shon Franks, CEO

Zana's Cosmetics

Meet our CEOs

Meet Alana and Nailah we are the CEOs of Zana Lips Cosmetics. We are 7 and 8 years old and we love to dress up and play in make-up. We started this lipgloss company because we love to be creative and express ourselves in our own way. We hope to inspire other young girls to be creative as well!

Lani Love Teething & More

After a lot of research and hard work I have finally perfected these beautiful Teething Pacifier Clips and I am ready to share them with others. I look forward to making your little one the perfect clip and I hope you love it as much as we do!

Mr. Crabs

Amazing seafood locally in Grand Prairie. They are super nice with great customer service and always ready to party. Great environment in restaurant with an even better bar. 

Broke Gambler Slots 

YouTube slots and games. 



What is your business about?


What is your business about?

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